The All-Senior Rock ‘n’ Roll Musical Group (65 — 91 years young)

The All-Senior Rock ‘n’ Roll Musical Group (65 — 91 years young)

Seniors Sing Rock, Pop, Gospel and more.

A real life world history lesson with rock’n’roll music told and sung by seniors who lived through it‬.

Alive & Kickin is a non-profit organization that features a talented ensemble of rockin senior performers ages 65 — 91 that entertain multi-generational audiences through popular contemporary music and personal stories. Each performance, whether a large, full-scale production, a corporate event or (our favorite) senior community gig, promises to surprise, move and inspire audiences of all ages. The group is managed and directed by award-winning performing arts professionals.

A moving musical testament to overcoming adversity and living victoriously at any age. Featuring solid gold singers 65 years and older. Soulful, emotional, funny, and powerful.

Our mission is to give voice to seniors through personal story and popular song, empowering its members to entertain and enlighten multi-generational audiences. We hold auditions annually for the group and look for those who are a blend of talent, unique personalities and charisma. An open-mindedness is also a requirement as we explore contemporary genres of music ranging from rock & roll to pop to gospel and Motown as well as topics of all shapes and sizes!



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